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Real Estate Law

Ohio real estate law is very specific and having an experienced, knowledgeable attorney to assist property owners or potential property owners in addressing their real estate issues is necessary to ensure that landowners’ ownership interests are legally established and/or transferred. Mistakes in the sale, purchase or transfer of real estate titles can cause problems not only for the current landowner, but also to a purchaser of the real estate or the following generations.

Stoneman Law Office includes a full time, full service real estate title agency which offers a complete range of real estate title services, including conducting real estate closings, conducting title searches, issuing title insurance, preparing all closing documents and transferring and recording all real estate documents. Both Attorney Kathy Stoneman and her husband, Bill Stoneman, are licensed title agents by the Ohio Department of Insurance. They work with all lenders and real estate agents to insure that all real estate closings occur on time and accurately.

Stoneman Law Office performs all legal services related to real estate including but not limited to preparing deeds, leases, land contracts, purchase agreements, promissory or demand notes, mortgages, easements and rights of way and providing experienced legal advice regarding the provisions in these documents.

The firm remains actively involved in real estate mineral interests, advising clients regarding oil and gas leases, pipeline rights of way and all related documents and we assist owners of mineral interests in negotiating the terms of these documents. We also provide our clients with a full range of legal services regarding the very active oil and gas industry in Carroll and surrounding counties.

Stoneman Law Office also handles landlord/tenant matters, preparing rental agreements and advising clients on the meaning and enforcement of these agreements.

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