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Civil Litigation

With more than thirty years of trial experience in various areas of law, the attorneys of Stoneman Law Office are well equipped to represent clients’ interests in a broad range of civil trials. Most of the time, legal disputes between parties can be resolved without resorting to the courts to achieve a resolution. Whether through mediation or negotiation, the firm’s attorneys can often assist in the settlement of legal disputes. However, there are situations that cannot be negotiated or mediated and proceeding with a lawsuit is the only way to correct an injustice or a wrongdoing.

The firm has handled trials in all the firm’s practice areas and has done so in Carroll and ten surrounding counties. Attorney Maureen Stoneman brings to the firm her two-year experience as a law clerk in Washington, D.C. Superior Court, including her skills in legal research and writing, assisting with civil bench and jury trials, preparation of court documents and working with parties and their attorneys.

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